Ultima: Kyouryuu Teikoku
Ultima Kyouryuu Teikoku
Developer(s) Origin
Publisher(s) Pony Canyon
Platform(s) Super Famicom platform icon
Genre(s) Western RPG
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Ultima: Kyouryuu Teikokuis a port of Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire for the SNES released in 1995 by ORIGIN Systems (and Pony Canyon). The game is a drastic departure from the traditional video games in the Ultima series, and takes place into a world that resembles the Amazon rather than the typical medieval style setting of previous titles in the series. The game's engine was based off Ultima VII: The Black Gate's engine.

The game was planned for Western release but, was cancelled.


The game takes place in the ficional location of Eodon, which in the game is infested with dinosaurs.


In all three reviews of the game have been released, one of which was exclusive for the DOS version of the title. GamePro gave the SNES game a 3.4/5, which averages out to a medicore 68/100, while EGM gave it a 6.2/10. Power Play gave the DOS version a 71/100.