Unagis are a species in the Mario series. It's first appearance was in Super Mario 64, in Jolly Roger Bay . Unagi comes out of his cave every once in a while, and when he does come out, you'll see a star at the end of his tail. He reappeared in that game's remake, Super Mario 64 DS.

He also appeared in the game New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS. In one of the levels, he will swim across the whole screen, destroying everything that's in his path. All while this happens, mini Eels resembling Unagi will swim across the screen as well, and pop out of smaller caves. Most of them can't leave their holes but will snatch you when you're near an item as it said to the strategy guide. There is one subspcies called the Mega Unagi.

You can see Unagi in Mario Kart Wii. He's swimming outside of the underwater pipe inKoopa Cape. Unagis are also in Mario Kart 7, in the water section of Daisy Cruiser.  In Mario Kart 8 and it's port, a Unagi appears in Dolphin Shoals.

Unagis appear in Super Mario Odyssey, in the Seaside Kingdom and the Dark Side. They look far more realistic in this game.


  • Unagi is named after the Japanese term for a fresh water eel, or a delicious sushi dish made from eel.