Fox mccloud

Voice actor: Scott Menville

other character va played: Robin (Original teen titans)

Any changes?: Needs to sound  more like a leader

Falco lombardi

Voice actor: Christopher Sabat

Other character va played: Vegeta (Dbz kai)

Any changes?: Needs to be more cocky

Slippy toad

Voice actor: Zach callison

Other character va played: Steven (Steven universe)

Any changes?: Needs to be more informatve

Peppy here

Voice actor: John Rhys Davies

Other character va played: Caseem (Aladdin and the prince of theives)

Any changes?: Needs to be like a general

Rob nusb4

Voice actor: Chris tergliafera

Other character va played: Gundam tanaka (Danganropa 2)

Any changes?: More robotic tone


Voice actor: Mari Devon 

Other character va played: Renamon (Digimon tamers)

Any changes?: Nothing

Prince tricky

Voice actor: Greg Cipes

Other character va played: Beastboy (Teen titans GO!)

Any changes?: have better distinguishment 

Wolf o'donnel

Voice actor: Sean schemmel

Other character va already played: Lucario (Lucario and the mystery of mew)

Any changes?: None

leon powolski

Voice actor: Mark Hamill

Other character va already played: Joker (arkham knight)

Any changes?: Doesn't need to be crazy

Pigma dengar

Voice actor: Brain beacock

Other character va played: Monokuma (Daganropa)

Any changes?: None


Voice actor: Hyden watch

Other character va already played: Starfire (Teen titans) 

Any changes?: Needs to b nerdier

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