This post is just going to run through the new stuff from Nintendo's Investor Meeting last night. First,  there is the new account system. Nintendo Network IDs are getting replaced with Nintendo Account. It's unclear what all the changes this system will bring but, Nintendo has stated that it will make use of the cloud to share game data between the console, handheld and mobile device. Accounts can be made using Nintendo Network ID, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or even the regular email with a password and will work across all platforms. In addition, purchase software downloads on Nintendo's site, and see purchases, play info, and game-related messages.

Nintendo's first mobile app is called Miitomo. It seems to be a mobile version of Tomodachi Life focused on a streetpass-like mechanic as well as a chat functionality. The game will also ask you questions and find common traits between you and your friends. The game's microtransactions seem to mainly be costumes for your Mii. Unfortunately, the title has been delayed to March 2016.

The third notable announcement was that Club Nintendo's replacement was announced as My Nintendo . You will generate points like as with Club Nintendo, either buying Nintendo games or buying games off the Nintendo eShop. These points can be used for digital content like themes, content for mobile games, or physical merchandise or discount coupons. The service will send you notices in a friendly manner, based on your play info and such. My Nintendo will also have benefits at certain locations like the Theme Park, theaters and retail outlets. The service will launch in March 2016.

As for some other stuff hinted at, Kawshima suggested that there were titles unnanounced for the holiday season. In addition, there was a new Link render in a slide with mostly, current renders. 

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