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  • BattleFranky202

    So in case anyone didn't notice, I created an article for a video game that's basically Super Smash Bros. but with Cartoon Network. Anyone watch, or used to watch, Cartoon Network? Anyone have comments on this game or impressions? You can watch gameplay footage by going to YouTube and searching "Punch Time Explosion". You'll find quite a bit there.

    As for myself, I was super-excited when I first found out about this! After that, I was a little disappointed with the limited character roster, but it's been said that there's going to be an even bigger roster when the console versions come around! BTW, here's the game's FaceBook page:!/PunchTimeExplosion

    You can leave comments and the guys making the game will respond t…

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  • BattleFranky202

    Right, so how do I access the "Recent Changes" page from the main page using Wikia's new look? - BattleFranky202 18:44, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

    Edit: So Bentendo told me to get the "Recent changes" feature under "My Tools". That's great, except... How do I get to "My tools"?

    Edit 2: Nevermind, I see "My Tools". It's down in the corner, along with he "Share" and "Follow" buttons... DAmmit, why couldn't they by up on top like before, where people can actually see them?!

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  • BattleFranky202

    I am DEFINITELY not liking this. It's such a drastic change! - BattleFranky202 16:27, October 20, 2010 (UTC)

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  • BattleFranky202

    So, I remember talking to Bentendo about Metroid: Other M, and he said the voice acting was bad. Having played a bit of it for myself now, I can say that while the voice acting isn't the best it could be, it was tolerable, and WAY freaking better than Arc Rise Fantasia!

    Another thing that's been going around is Samus's character in the game. Most people say it clashes with her previously set-up character... or lack thereof. Here, watch this video to get a good feel of what her character was like before and after Other M

    Note: Some people argue that it clashes with her character in Metroid Fusion, which Bob Chipman (the Game OVerthinker) didn't bring up, while others say it didn'…

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  • BattleFranky202

    I came across this series of video called "I can't believe it's not AVGN", which basically takes people who openly try to imitate the Angry Video Game Nerd and tears them apart through reviews that are protected against copyright infringement under fair use. You can watch them here:

    As you can tell, the biggest target is Chris Bores, the "Irate Gamer". Yeah, I know, he sucks, everyone has talked about him, he sucks, he's boring, he picks on good games jsut to get more attention and views, he deliberately steals material from not just the Nerd but even the Nostalgia Critic a few times! At this point most people jsut say to ignore him, and I feel I should, too, but there's something that's bothered me f…

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