I came across this series of video called "I can't believe it's not AVGN", which basically takes people who openly try to imitate the Angry Video Game Nerd and tears them apart through reviews that are protected against copyright infringement under fair use. You can watch them here:

As you can tell, the biggest target is Chris Bores, the "Irate Gamer". Yeah, I know, he sucks, everyone has talked about him, he sucks, he's boring, he picks on good games jsut to get more attention and views, he deliberately steals material from not just the Nerd but even the Nostalgia Critic a few times! At this point most people jsut say to ignore him, and I feel I should, too, but there's something that's bothered me for a while. Thsi guy is an untalented hack who doesn't even TRY to be entertaining in his video anymore, and yet HE'S A YOUTUBE PARTNER! Yes, YouTube, the same people who basically ignore the AVGN, despite being critical to their success, and even banned the Nostalgia Critic, actually supports AND PAYS Mr. Bores for his crap, unfunny, unentertaining crap! There's just something about that that sickens me! When I watch one of his videos, or rather DLAbaoaqu's video reviews of his videos, I don't feel like I just saw a bad video game review. Watching that and knowing the Chris Bores actually gets paid to put up a video with the most minimal amount of effort in it, while the AVGN and Nostalgia Critic get pissed off, it makes me feel like I was defeated by some unseen, malevolent force...

Also, even though people say he isn't a gamer, I disagree. He is a gamer. But he's the worst kind of gamer imaginable. He puts graphics above all else, finds violence highly enjoyable, swears up a storm, and basically just acts like a total douchebag. It's almost like the guys you'd see on Xbox Live, only not being racist and homophobic. But seriously, imagine those kinds of people review NES games. What you'd get is the Irate Gamer, a sort of people who has no idea how video games "worked" back in the day. Seriously, I doubt he was even into video games that much before he say the AVGN and decided he could do the same thing as well.

Well, whatever. I felt like making a blog post about this and see who knew what I was talking about. I've got a lot of other stuff to say about the Irate Gamer, but I know it's all for naught, since everyone already knows about it. I just hope that someday, YouTube comes ti its sense and debunks the Irate Gamer! Here's hoping...

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