Well, it's finally happened. I've been following Black and White intently since the games were announced, and all 156 (wow) Pokémon in the game have been revealed. For the entire list, along with sprites for each one, go here. Now, with that stated, it's opinions time.

  • I've held this opinion for awhile: the starters are ALL fantastic, including Mijumaru. I have a different opinion on their final evolutions, however. I personally really like Jaroda (497). At first I wasn't a very big fan of Emboar (500), but over the past couple of days I've grown to like it. I really don't care too much for Daikenki (503), however. Maybe that's because it's not what I expected, but I personally find it too weird.
  • Those two rodent Pokémon that were revealed early on (504, 505)... I don't like them. They're not creative AT ALL.
  • The dog species (506-508) I'm really digging. I won't be using them, but they're still pretty cool. I thought 506 was a lion at first though...
  • I really enjoyed the look of the monkey trio, but now that I've seen their evolutions I've officially developed a dislike for them all. Hiyakki (516) in particular makes me want to barf.
  • The electric zebra's evolution, 523, is really cool. I don't care for its pre-evo though.
  • Tabunne, 531, is freaking ugly. I know what they were going for but it did NOT pay off.
  • 523-534 are pretty cool. I don't like Dotekkotsu for some reason, but its final evo is awesome.
  • I know I've seen 535, the tadpole Pokémon, somewhere before. Does anyeone else find it very familiar?
  • I'm REALLY liking the fighting duo Nageki and Dageki (538 and 539).
  • While I don't care for Futsude and Holiga, their final evo Pendoraa is awesome.

I'll add more opinions later on. State your opinions too!

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