Alright, I'm not going to post all of the news in this blog post, so you'll have to go to the E3 2010 Center to see what's going on down in LA. Feel free to make comments here regarding the event. Also, since this is a Wiki, I thought I'd share my plans on updating the site during E3 and any other thoughts I have:

  1. Please realize that in the next week, the only updating I'll do to the site will be in regards to E3. So, you probably won't see me updating the Super Mario Bros. page, but will see a lot of updates to The Legend of Zelda (Wii) and Nitnendo 3DS pages.
  2. I'll try to create image galleries for all of the important games during the event. Expect to see, without question, a gallery for the Nintendo 3DS and Zelda.
  3. During the Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Konami (maybe Konami, not sure if I'll be near a computer when it's on) press conferences I'll be doing a live blog (find the link at the E3 center). I'll hopefully do one for Nintendo's round table as well (we've gotten news on Pikmin 3, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Zelda (Wii) there before, so something is sure to come up that's interesting).
  4. I won't be doing a prediction thread this year. I feel that those just get people's hopes up. Just know this: I "predict" we'll get news on Zelda, Nintendo 3DS and the Vitality Sensor.
  5. I'll be watching all of the press conferences on G4TV (and SpikeTV for Microsoft but I obviously won't be covering that one here). It's supposed to thunderstorm where I am on the day of the Nintendo conference, and unfortunately I have DISH so I may not be able to watch it, so my liveblogging schedule may be wonky and I may have to end up reading OTHER live blogs online (live videos on my computer typically never work). Hope for the best though (not like you care...).
  6. Please resist the urge to upload Youtube videos to pages. I know the trailer will probably be awesome but they make the articles look terrible and increase the loading time. Feel free to link to videos though.
  7. Remember that THIS IS A WIKI. You are allowed to edit the E3 Center if you wish, even if you're an anonymous user (but really, why don't you register now?).

I might add more later if I think of anything. Have fun everyone!

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