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May 25, 2014
  • BlueHighwind

    E3 Final Report

    June 14, 2014 by BlueHighwind

    (Again I ran out of time, I'll add the photos I took when I get back from work tonight.)

    Forgive me for being slightly late, but the strain of E3 finally got to me. Wednesday I had to contend with the dull ache of four days running around a convention center, riding taxis, and waiting on lines, altogether just having a great time, which was enough to knock the wind out of me when we finally got back to the hotel around 9 PM. Thursday of course was the day I had the unhappy job of going back home, which meant mopping up what final exhibits that I could in the limited time remaining, suffering intense jealousy for my fellow Wiki-ers who managed to see Metal Gear Solid 5 and Dragon Age 3, and then flying home. Now as for Friday, that was a …

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  • BlueHighwind

    CORRECTION: The last user blog was factually incorrect. What was being described what Day 0, not Day 1. This is the real Day 1. Those responsible have been sacked. Then we rehired them because we realized we were a one man operation.

    I'd like to start by saying something you already know: Nintendo won E3 2014.

    When I made my first pre-pre-report I said Nintendo was going to be coming out swinging this year, and I was right. Sony and Microsoft might have had the big traditional industry-wide theater presentations, along with flowing milk and honey. All we Nintendo fans received was a stream of Nintendo Direct - at least on the surface. One would think that abandoning the traditional presentation with industry bigwigs communicating to…

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  • BlueHighwind

    E3 Day 0 Report

    June 10, 2014 by BlueHighwind

    BH is reporting now from the Hotel Wilshire, Room 207, graciously donated for his use by the fine folks at Wikia, who in his esteemed opinion are the greatest company on all the Internets. (If you're questioning my bias there, they did just buy me dinner... and pretty much everything else.) Been a lovely vacation so far, met great people, had a fantastic burger, had some lovely kelp and avocado scrambled eggs. Everything is going fine in the sunny city of Los Angeles - that is when the sun manages to creep through the fog. Press passes are acquired, much of the week is already planned out.

    Now, the first day of E3 has come and gone. Ironically despite having spent most of the day inside the LA Convention Center, I was unable to actually see…

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  • BlueHighwind

    It's now Saturday morning here in New Jersey, and I'm beginning a very important process: planning what's coming with me to E3. Obviously there's the basic toiletries: cloths, shaving, toothpaste, you know the deal. But more importantly, what kind of games are going to take the journey with ol' BH? Yes, I know it's E3, there will be hundreds of games to play and I'm sure I'll be playing games a lot. However, this is still a vacation, and there are still going to be long hours of transportation and flights with nothing at all to do but watch a bad Adam Sandler movie or try to make conversation with the elderly Swedish couple to my right who speak only two words of English: "please move". I always like to come prepared, and that's wh…

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  • BlueHighwind

    Sorry if I'm something of a new face on this particular wiki community. I'm hoping to correct that soon though. Anyway, I'm BlueHighwind (BH for short), AKA: Eric Fuchs, and I'm the winner of that Golden Ticket contest that Wikia was running last month for look for a huge Nintendo fan to attend E3 to report back on the huge gaming news for this community and Wikia Gaming in general. Normally I'm more active on the Final Fantasy Wiki, but don't hold that against me, half of those games are on Nintendo products, and Nintendo is the greatest gaming company in the world. You can also find me on my blog, Planet Blue. This next week we're going to see a lot of each other as I'll be reporting with other Wikia Gaming editors and Wikia employe…

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