• BurnoutBoy2001

    Has anyone even noticed that if you change your mii's favourite colour the colour of the plane/turbo jet/rocket belt/super rocket belt/hang glider/pedal glider changes too feturing the fav colour and another colour.

    Fav Colour = Vehicle Colours

    Red = Red+Yellow

    Orange = Orange+Yellow

    Yellow = Yellow+Red

    Green = Green+L. Blue

    D. Green = Dark Green+Orange

    L. Blue = Light Blue+Purple

    D. Blue = Dark Blue+Orange

    Pink = Pink+L.Blue/L.Purple (even though there is none)

    Purple = Purple+L.Green

    Brown = Brown+Green

    White = White+Black

    Black = Black+White

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  • BurnoutBoy2001

    3DS stuff

    August 9, 2011 by BurnoutBoy2001

    When is it coming??

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