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  • Ccrogers15

    A leak by a trusted leaker, whos leaks are always later legit, has revealed 3 Resident Evil Wiiu games. 


    GAME 1: Resident Evil 6 Final Hope is coming to Wiiu. It is a port of RE6 with update controls for the gamepad, nintendo network connectivity, and an exclusive storyline, that features Claire Redfield. Now before PS and Xbox fans worry, it was only listed for Wiiu, but dont worry, this is capcom, so most likely the claire story will later come to PS3 and 360 as DLC. Its just being bundled with the Wiiu version at launch most likely. 

    Now, the only thing that bugs me, is the Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, 4 are all right now on Nintendo Consoles. The issue is when this game launches, Resident Evil 5 still wont have been on a Nintendo. Possi…

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