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    Let's talk Wii U

    September 10, 2011 by Ethanthegamer

    We all know that the Wii U is the latest in pre-future technology right? We'll let's talk about our opinions for the future of the Wii U

    • They should allow free NES and SNES games for the Virtual Console.
    • They should make a headset accessory that allows the users to view the Wii U in 3D, or they could always allow a feature where you "borrow 3D" from a 3DS thus allowing you to play the Wii U in 3D!
    • Wii Shop Channel should be changed to U Shop Channel.
    • Unlike the Wii Shop Channel, the U Shop Channel offers Dreamcast and GameCube Virtual Console games, along with the Import editions.
    • The UTV Channel offers Wii U users TV, Movies, Specials, and more (including the Wii U exclusive UTube, the Wii U version of YouTube), free of charge!
    • The Nintendo Cha…

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