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    August 23, 2011 by GreenBeanHH

    HackHunters is an AntiCheat Organization and Community geared towards supporting first person shooters, mostly on the PC, but also console. We invite all gamers that enjoy FPS'ers to join us. Fortunately if you game on a Nintendo Wii, you don't have to worry about cheaters. But if you game on a computer, then understand that we along with a host of other organizations are fighting to keep games free of cheaters. If you suspect someone is cheating, then always leave the game and go somewhere else. If you come back and there are still cheaters, then the place you are gaming on is probably infested, best to leave for good and find another place. The following is a message for those who cheat...

    So you got a problem?

    Let’s be honest, there co…

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