Game & Wario

So with the release of Game & Wario coming closer and closer, we`ve learned about more games, and how many to expect. We know that there are 16 games, so who goes with what?

Wario: Arrow

We've seen this robot fighting game since E3!

Mona: Shutter

Like Wario's game, we've seen lots of this one.

Jimmy T.: Ski

Another oldie.

Penny: Thief

Also old, Iwata gave a demo of this game in the latest Nintendo Direct.

9-Volt: Gamer

A new one, this has the player playing classic microgames, and avoiding 9-Volts hovering mother.

Dr. Crygor: ??

A measuring game seen briefly in a Japanese Nintendo Direct.

Kat & Ana: ??

I know nothing of this game, but it was on the select screen at a Nintendo Direct.

Mike: ??

A music based game, it looks kind of like DDR in style. Love seeing Mike back!

??: Wario Pose

This game is a Wariofied version of the Shield Pose demo from E3 2011. We don't know who it stars. Perhaps the common other Wario as most WarioWare games have?

Ashley: We know she has a game, we just haven't seen it yet. Assuming it's not Wario Pose.

So who else could be hosting a game? 

18-Volt: ??

Maybe he'll have a harder version of Gamer, featuring Nintendo themed games.

Orbulon: ??

Something spacey... 

Dribble & Spitz: ??

I know these guys are Sci-Fi, but maybe it could be a driving/racing game?

Young Cricket & Master Mantis: ??

I have a feeling it will use the gyro heavily.

Hmm... Will there be new characters, or will there be a remix of past characters? Who knows, but I'm sure it will be something!

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