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    CD's? Why?

    July 7, 2011 by Jarad Craig

    I've come to notice that media companies are looking torwards using CD's for movies and video games. But why? Because it looks high-tech? Because it cause be organized more neatly? What happens when it collects dust? Or gets scrached? Goodbye, Finding Nemo. Rest in piece, GTA: San Andreas. Now let's go back in time. To the early 90's. Remember that copy of Legend of Zelda from a few years back? Still collecting dust, I see. What happens when we try to play it? Look at that, it works like a charm. Does this mean that protection is becoming obsolete? Are they trying to save money? Are they trying to make the CD's so open to damage that it makes consumers come back to renew their copies of their scratched-up movies/games that are too good no…

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