Hi, due to the soundtrack of Mario Kart 8 coming out, I decided to make a list of my top 60 favourite Mario Kart Songs. Now if you see a song you dislike or one of your favourite songs isn't higher or on this list, no hate comments. Instead, you can tell me some of your favourite Mario Kart Songs. Here is my list.

Top 60 best Mario Kart songs in MY OPINION

60: DK Pass (MKDS)

59: Cheep Cheep Beach (MKDS)

58: Mount Wario (MK8)

57: Koopa Beach (SMK)

56: Vanilla Lake (SMK)

55: Shy Guy Beach/Cheep Cheep Island (MKSC)

54: Sunshine Airport (MK8)

53: Shroom Ridge (MKDS)

52: Mushroom Gorge (MKWII)

51: Circuit Theme (MK7)

50: Rainbow Road (MKDD)

49: Rock Rock Mountain (MK7)

48: Maple Treeway (MKWII)

47: Donut Plains (SMK)

46: Choco Mountain (MK64)

45: Bowser Castle (MKSC)

44: Bowser's Castle (MK7)

43: Bowser's Castle (MKWII)

42: Bowser's Castle (MK8)

41: Sherbet Land (MKDD)

40: Luigi's Mansion (MKDS)

39: Koopa Troopa Beach (MK64)

38: Thwomp Ruins (MK8)

37: Toad's Turnpike (MK64)

36: Rainbow Road N64 (MK8)

35: Rainbow Road (SMK)

34: Mushroom Bridge/Mushroom City (MKDD)

33: Donut Plains 3 (MK8)

32: DK Jungle (MK7)

31: Cloudtop Cruise (MK8)

30: Mario Circuit (SMK)

29: Rainbow Road (MKWII)

28: Wuhu Island (MK7)

27: Moo Moo Farm/Yoshi Valley (MK64)

26: Delfino Square (MKDS)

25: Sherbet Land/Frappe Snowland (MK64)

24: Tick Tock Clock (MK8)

23: Baby Park (MKDD)

22: Mario Kart Stadium (MK8)

21: Neo Bowser City (MK7)

20: DK Summit (MKWII)

19: Piranha Plant Slide (MK7)

18: Rainbow Road (MK8)

17: Raceway Theme (MK64)

16: Waluigi Stadium/Wario Colosseum (MKDD)

15: Moonview Highway (MKWII)

14: Twisted Mansion (MK8)

13: Bone Dry Dunes (MK8)

12: Dry Dry Ruins (MKWII)

11: Grumble Volcano (MKWII)

10: Music Park (MK7)

9: Wario's Gold Mine (MKWII)

8: Coconut Mall (MKWII

7: Toad's Factory (MKWII)

6: Dry Dry Desert (MKDD)

5: Waluigi Pinball/Wario Stadium (MKDS)

4: GBA Mario Circuit (MK8)

3: Koopa Cape (MKWII)

2: Rainbow Road (MK7)

AND FINALLY NUMBER 1: Electrodrome (MK8)

So that's it, my top 60 favourite Mario Kart songs. Note that I only counted the track music. If you have any personal favourite songs, you can comment what you think.

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