Hi, here is a remake of my favourite Mario Kart Songs. I am doing this because there are just TOO MANY awesome songs in the Mario Kart franchise. I am also including battle stages this time. Remember, this is all opinion based. Enjoy!

70: WII Delfino Pier

69: SNES Koopa Beach

68: WII Thwomp Desert

67: WU Shy Guy Falls

66: WII Main Theme

65: N64 Choco Mountain

64: GCN Peach Beach/Daisy Cruiser

63: GBA Shy Guy Beach/Cheep Cheep Island

62: 3DS Wario Shipyard

61: GCN Baby Park/Tilt-a-Kart

60: WII Wario's Gold Mine

59: DS Luigi's Mansion

58: WU Sweet Sweet Canyon

57: WII Options Theme

56: SNES Vanilla Lake

55: 3DS Circuit Theme

54: WU Bone Dry Dunes

53: WII Mushroom Gorge

52: WII Maple Treeway

51: WII Block Plaza

50: GCN Rainbow Road

49: N64 Toad's Turnpike

48: 3DS Rock Rock Mountain

47: DS Cheep Cheep Beach

46: GBA Bowser Castle

45: WII Bowser's Castle

44: 3DS Bowser's Castle

43: GCN Cookie Land/Nintendo GameCube/Pipe Plaza/Block City

42: WII DK Summit

41: SNES Mario Circuit

40: WU Mount Wario

39: GCN Mushroom Bridge/Mushroom City

38: WU Bowser's Castle

37: N64 Moo Moo Farm/Yoshi Valley

36: WU Twisted Mansion

35: WII Funky Stadium

34: N64 Koopa Troopa Beach

33: WU Mario Kart Stadium

32: WU Main Theme

31: DS Delfino Square

30: WU Water Park

29: SNES Rainbow Road

28: WII Rainbow Road

27: SNES Donut Plains

26: DS Tick Tock Clock

25: N64 Raceway Theme

24: GCN Waluigi Stadium

23: WU Rainbow Road

22: N64 Sherbet Land

21: GCN Sherbet Land

20: 3DS Wuhu Island

19: WII Chain Chomp Wheel

18: 3DS DK Jungle

17: SNES Battle Course Theme

16: 3DS Piranha Plant Slide

15: WII Moonview Highway

14: 3DS Neo Bowser City

13: WII Credits Pt 2

12: WII Dry Dry Ruins

11: 3DS Music Park

10: WII Grumble Volcano

9: WII Toad's Factory

8: WII Coconut Mall

7: WU GBA Mario Circuit

6: GCN Dry Dry Desert

5: DS Waluigi Pinball/Wario Stadium

4: WU Cloudtop Cruise

3: WII Koopa Cape

2: WU Electrodrome

And finally number 1: 3DS Rainbow Road

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