Hi guys, these are my worst to best Nintendo consoles in all history.

13: Virtual Boy (The only Nintendo System I hate.)

12: Game Boy (Not so great cause it's all black and white.)

11: Game & Watch (Was never a fan of it but it's a bit cool.)

10: Game Boy Color (Cool because it is now in color.)

9: Nintendo Entertainment System (A decent console, it has a few great games like Super Mario Bros 3.)

8: Game Boy Advanced (It's always nice to have cool remakes of good games. It also has other decent game like Mario Kart Super Circuit.)

7: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Very nice, I love Super Mario World. But it also has other neat games.)

6: Nintendo 64 (Okay, you guys are probably surprised that this wasn't higher, but it is very good and has awesome games. There are just 5 systems I love more.)

5: DS (I really like the DS, the games are fun such as New Super Mario Bros! Not the best graphics and music though.)

4: GameCube (NOW WERE TALKING!! The GameCube is AWESOME!! It has VERY good games such as Mario Party 7, Mario Kart Double Dash, and My personal favourite, Super Mario Sunshine, but also the graphics and music are getting better.)

3: 3DS (LOVE THE 3DS!! It has GREAT games. The graphics are the 2nd best and the music is nice! I love NSMB2, SM3DL, and MK7 and more games. However, there are just 2 I like more.)

2: Wii (THE WII IS ONE OF THE BEST CONSOLES EVER!!!! It has good graphics and probably the best music ever. The games never get old and they are a BLAST to play! Also you can get MIIS and I have tons of them. The Check Mii Out Channel also rocked :'(. But there is one console that I just LOVE!!)

And here is number 1: Wii U (BEST CONSOLE EVER!!!!!! It's in HD!! Best graphics EVER! I love the music and it has my 2 all time favourite games (SM3DW and MK8) I LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH!)

So that's it, hope you enjoyed!

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