Quick, what's the worst possible thing you could ever do when given a microphone at a shareholders' meeting? Why, insult their entire industry and make incredibly stupid justifications for your position as shareholder, following it up with a completely out-of-left-field logical fallacy, of course!

One... particularly dense individual at Nintendo's annual shareholders' meeting expressed concern over Nintendo's falling stocks. Okay, fair enough. Then he follows it up with this gem: "I'm concerned about the falling stock price. I own stock, but I don't own a single Nintendo product. I believe games are a waste of time. By the way, the reason I own Nintendo stock is because the name is nice, it's in Kyoto and it was listed in the year of my birth." (emphasis mine)

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, showing a level of patience and left-handed politeness I never would have expected out of anyone, responded by defending Nintendo's entire existence: "There are people in this world who don't feel that games are a waste of time, so Nintendo continues to exist. We'd like to eliminate the thinking that playing games by yourself is negative, or when there's a crime you immediately tie it into games. We'd like to raise the social importance of games. We're working to expand the gaming population."

Our enlightened shareholder then asked Iwata-san why earthquake victims holed up in evacuation centres weren't given copies of Wii Fit with which to exercise. After pointing out that Nintendo had, indeed, sent aid to earthquake victims (if not precisely Wii Fit), Nintendo had clearly had enough of this guy, and he was excused.

In fact, Nintendo's policies on not advertising their charity donations is so strict that they are actually striking the second question from the official minutes of the meeting. The first question, it seems, was just too pricelessly idiotic to remove.

Sources:, Destructoid

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