PaperGamer here with my first blogview (blog + review = blogview). So I am going to review Disney Epic Mickey. For this to be easy I am going to give it sections on graphics,camera,music,story,replayibility, and boxart.


The graphics in this game were GREAT!!! I give the graphics 4.5 stars.


 The camera in this game is the only complaint I have with this game. The camera sucks! I give the camera 0 stars.


Alot of the places in this game are really dark. This means the music can be dark. Not all the places have low music but alot. I give the music 4 stars.


The story is truly great. The story is about Mickey causing the Thinner Disaster. Years later... is pulled in by The Shadow Blot in Wasteland and is forced to save and escape Wasteland. I give the story 5 stars


There is alot of replayibility in this game. From collecting all the pins to unlocking all the concept art and videos plus there are multiple endings. I give the replayibility 5 stars.


The boxart in this game is great. I give the boxart 4.8 stars.

Overall Status out of 5

Overall Status:4

You should go and buy this game now.

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