This year the Nintendo Wiki will be participating in the Wikia Halloween skin contest where wikis make the appearance more Hallowenn-ey.

The theme we will have is AD Madness. We will put buttons around the site, which when clicked will reveal an fake Nintendo-related AD. It is a joke on how some websites have problems with really annoying AD some that even span the whole page when hovered over.

The ADs will appear when you click a button that looks like this. 16px-N-AD.png

We are currently looking for image ADs and ideas for ADs from users. You can submit yours here on this blog in a comment.

The Ads should have something to do with Nintendo and include some type joke. See this for an example.

(Note: They can not be ADs for any real company or product.)

Current ADs

Click the images to see a larger version.

Image Page(s) used on Image Page(s) used on
AD-Durmite X (T) Template:MarioStub Happy Mask Salesman,com Template:ZeldaStub
Funky's Flights Ad Template:DKStub Gadd Science Inc. Ad Template:Cleanup
ThornTail Store Template:StarFoxStub Hero for Hyre Template:Minor character
My First Fairy Ad Template:Zelda Characters Furniture Shop Ad. (Kirby's Epic Yarn) Template:KirbyStub
Wuhu Island Ad Wuhu Town F-Zero GX AD F-Zero GX
Kokiri Shop Ad Rupee Curiosity Shop Ad The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Windfall Island Shop Ad Windfall Island Skull Kid Ad. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
GFMC Ad. Captain A. Exeter Old Woman Sprite Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
Zelda Old Man Ad The Legend of Zelda

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