This is a list that can help to plan teams for Pokémon X and Y. This list lists the final evos of each chain of Gen 6 pokémon, and where one can obtain each of the pokémon in their evo chain.

Name Image Type(s) Locations
Chesnaught PKMNXY652 GrassGrassFightingFighting
  1. Chespin
    Starter, Trade (Starter = Fennekin)
  2. Quilladin
  3. Chesnaught
Delphox PKMNXY655 FireFirePsychicPsychic
  1. Fennekin
    Starter, Trade (Starter = Froakie)
  2. Braixen
  3. Delphox
Greninja PKMNXY658 WaterWaterDarkDark
  1. Froakie
    Starter, Trade (Starter = Chespin)
  2. Frogadier
  3. Greninja
Diggersby PKMNXY660 NormalNormalGroundGround
  1. Bunnelby
    Route 2, Route 3, Route 22
  2. Diggersby
    Route 22
Talonflame PKMNXY663 FireFireFlyingFlying
  1. Fletchling
    Route 2, Route 3
  2. Fletchinder
    Friend Safari
  3. Talonflame
Vivillon PKMNXY666 BugBugFlyingFlying
  1. Scatterbug
    Route 2, Santalune Forest
  2. Spewpa
  3. Vivillon
    Friend Safari
Pyroar PKMNXY668 FireFireNormalNormal
  1. Litleo
    Route 22
  2. Pyroar
    Friend Safari
Floette PKMNXY671 FairyFairy
  1. Flabébé
    Route 4, Route 7 (X)
  2. Floette
    Friend Safari
  3. Florges
Gogoat PKMNXY673 GrassGrass
  1. Skiddo
    Route 5
  2. Gogoat
    Friend Safari
Pangoro PKMNXY675 FightingFightingDarkDark
  1. Pancham
    Route 5, Friend Safari
  2. Pangoro
Furfrou PKMNXY676 NormalNormal
  1. Furfrou
    Route 5
Meowstic PKMNXY678 PsychicPsychic
  1. Espurr
    Route 6, Friend Safari
  2. Meowstic
Aegislash PKMNXY681 SteelSteelGhostGhost
  1. Honedge
    Route 6
  2. Doublade
  3. Aegislash
Aromatisse PKMNXY683 FairyFairy
  1. Spritzee
    Route 7 (Y), Friend Safari
  2. Aromatisse
Slurpuff PKMNXY685 FairyFairy
  1. Swirlix
    Route 7 (X), Friend Safari
  2. Slurpuff
Malamar PKMNXY687 DarkDarkPsychicPsychic
  1. Inkay
    Route 8, Azure Bay, Friend Safari
  2. Malamar
Barbaracle PKMNXY689 RockRockWaterWater
  1. Binacle
    Route 8, Route 12, Ambrette Town, Cyllage City (Rock Smash)
  2. Barbaracle
    Friend Safari
Dragalge PKMNXY691 PoisonPoisonDragonDragon
  1. Skrelp
    Route 8 (Y), Ambrette Town (Y), Cyllage City (Super) (Y)
  2. Dragalge
    Route 8 (Y), Ambrette Town (Y), Cyllage City (Super) (Y)
Clawitzer PKMNXY693 WaterWater
  1. Clauncher
    Route 8 (X), Ambrette Town (X), Cyllage City (Super) (X)
  2. Clawitzer
    Route 8 (X), Ambrette Town (X), Cyllage City (Super) (X)
Heliolisk PKMNXY695 ElectricElectricNormalNormal
  1. Helioptile
    Route 9, Friend Safari
  2. Heliolisk
Tyrantrum PKMNXY697 RockRockDragonDragon
  1. Tyrunt
    Revive Jaw Fossil
  2. Tyrantrum
Aurorus PKMNXY699 RockRockIceIce
  1. Amaura
    Revive Sail Fossil
  2. Aurorus
Sylveon PKMNXY700 FairyFairy
  1. Eevee
    Route 10, Trade, Friend Safari
  2. Sylveon
Hawlucha PKMNXY701 FightingFightingFlyingFlying
  1. Hawlucha
    Route 10, Friend Safari
Dedenne PKMNXY702 ElectricElectricFairyFairy
  1. Dedenne
    Route 11, Friend Safari
Carbink PKMNXY703 RockRockFairyFairy
  1. Carbink
    Reflection Cave
Goodra PKMNXY706 DragonDragon
  1. Goomy
    Route 14
  2. Sliggoo
    Friend Safari
  3. Goodra
Klefki PKMNXY707 SteelSteelFairyFairy
  1. Klefki
    Route 15, Route 16, Lost Hotel
Trevenant PKMNXY709 GhostGhostGrassGrass
  1. Phantump
    Route 16, Friend Safari
  2. Trevenant
    Route 20
Gourgeist PKMNXY711 GhostGhostGrassGrass
  1. Pumpkaboo
    Route 16, Friend Safari
  2. Gourgeist
Avalugg PKMNXY713 IceIce
  1. Bergmite
    Frost Cavern, Friend Safari
  2. Avalugg
Noivern PKMNXY715 FlyingFlyingDragonDragon
  1. Noibat
    Terminus Cave, Victory Road, Friend Safari
  2. Noivern
Xerneas PKMNXY716 FairyFairy
  1. Xerneas
    Team Flare's Lab (X)
Yveltal PKMNXY717 DarkDarkFlyingFlying
  1. Yveltal
    Team Flare's Lab (Y)
Zygarde PKMNXY718 DragonDragonGroundGround
  1. Zygarde
    Terminus Cave

Notes: (None = Evolve from previous stage) (X = Pokémon X) (Y = Pokémon Y) (Trade = In-Game Trade) (Rock Smash = Use Rock Smash) (Super = Fishing using Super Rod)

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