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  • S0UND3FX69

    Post your Ideas for Super Mario Galaxy 3 in the comments or on this page if it lets you please don't delete any & make sure it wasn't already said by anyone else

    1. Be able to play with Mario p1 & Luigi p2 at the start as part of year of luigi
    2. Be able to play as Blue toad p3 & Yellow Toad p4
    3. Be able to play as miis as any player except p5
    4. p5 gamepad person plays as rosalina being able to freeze all enimies on screen by shaking & making boost blocks by tapping on the screen
    5. single player gets to choose all but rosalina
    6. 3 profiles for each account
    7. new Planet Builder feature 1 per file
    8. DLC
    9. Peach Castle planet as main planet during free roam
    10. game takes place in Space level 1-120 & in the Mushroom Kingdom levels 121-240
    11. Yoshis reappear with new yoshi powerup…

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