Post your Ideas for Super Mario Galaxy 3 in the comments or on this page if it lets you please don't delete any & make sure it wasn't already said by anyone else

  1. Be able to play with Mario p1 & Luigi p2 at the start as part of year of luigi
  2. Be able to play as Blue toad p3 & Yellow Toad p4
  3. Be able to play as miis as any player except p5
  4. p5 gamepad person plays as rosalina being able to freeze all enimies on screen by shaking & making boost blocks by tapping on the screen
  5. single player gets to choose all but rosalina
  6. 3 profiles for each account
  7. new Planet Builder feature 1 per file
  8. DLC
  9. Peach Castle planet as main planet during free roam
  10. game takes place in Space level 1-120 & in the Mushroom Kingdom levels 121-240
  11. Yoshis reappear with new yoshi powerups & different colors for each player Rosalina can't ride
  12. Blimp Fruit reappearance
  13. Dash Pepper reappearance
  14. Bulb Fruit reappearance
  15. Flame Bomb allows Yoshi to breathe out fire
  16. Water Pear allows Yoshi to swim & spit water out
  17. Acid Green Apple allows Yoshi to shoot out acid & get rid of lava
  18. Golden Egg allows Yoshi to fly indefinite after losing 5 lives in a level it appears
  19. Lava Orange allows Yoshi to walk on lava
  20. Fat Water Mellon allows Yoshi to walk on sand under water
  21. Invincible Cranberry allows Yoshi to be invincible appears after 10 deaths in a level
  22. Double Health Avacado allows you to have 12 health appears after 15 deaths in a level
  23. Fire Mario returns
  24. Ice Mario returns
  25. Spring Mario returns
  26. Flying Mario Level 120, 240, free roam both, some DLC's
  27. all forms from the previous 2 Super Mario Galaxys
  28. Cape Mario reappearance
  29. Metal Mario reappearance
  30. Frog Mario reappearance
  31. Also a 3ds version called the same thing can only have 4 players though maximum
  32. Water Flower turns to Water Mario
  33. Block Mushroom turns to Block Mario
  34. Wheel Mushroom turns to Wheel Mario
  35. Vine Flower turns to Vine Mario
  36. Black Star turns to Digging Mario
  37. Poison Flower turns to Venom Mario
  38. Rosalina has 2 health can be raised to 5
  39. Rosalina is only seen on gamepad
  40. Blue Toad is slower than Yellow Toad
  41. One player mode avaliable on gamepad
  42. Multplayer
  43. Team Multiplayer 4 players only
  44. Online Multiplayer
  45. DLC Shop
  46. Star Coin Shop
  47. Instant Play
  48. Tag
  49. Enemy Wars 1 player only gamepad only only time that Rosalina is solo
  50. Obstacle Course
  51. Red Goomba mini boss #1 charges & turns left
  52. Blue Goomba miniboss #1 charges & turns right
  53. Goomboss Boss #1 charges into you center along with 4 normal size goomba's & Red & Blue Goomba's again
  54. Bowser Boss #2 just have to lure him into water 1 time attacks by punching
  55. First mission called The Star Festival
  56. Second mission called The Evil Master Mind Kamek
  57. Kamek Boss #3 attacks with magic & makes spinies, goomba's, cannonballs, & amps
  58. First & Second mission only allows Mario 1st player, & Rosalina 2nd Player optional
  59. Peach Castle Planet unlocked
  60. Custom Planet maker unlocked
  61. now up to 5 players could play
  62. Peach got kidnapped
  63. Kamek makes Peach's Castle a planet
  64. spin jump gets updated by that odd colored luma from the Super Mario Galaxy 2 game
  65. it's now colored dark blue
  66. Mail Toad will always give you 20 lives instead of 5 from Peach's Letter
  67. Bank Toad gives you a new introduced Bronze Star Bit giving you 5000 Star Bits
  68. Luba & normal Rosalina fly the ship
  69. ToadWorths gives you upgrades on spin jump & more for a certain amount of starites
  70. Toad & Luma Shop is now together
  71. Luigi, Blue Toad, & Yellow Toad are also on this planet
  72. Toad Brigide sells drills from Super Mario Galaxy 2
  73. The Blue Toad in the toad gang gives health mushroom from both Super Mario Galaxys & power ups when they're unlocked
  74. Green Toad sells 1 ups & more life items
  75. Yellow Toad gives you star coins & exchanges 1 star bit with 1 coin
  76. Purple Toad give challenge missions & exchanges a coin with a star bit
  77. Challenge Mode is unlocked
  78. Hungry Luma if gets fed lets you choose any of 10 bonus planets to you for 1000 star bits each making a total of 250 stars collectable in the whole game
  79. Cosmic Rosalina is still super guide, gamepad player, & give intense planets after beating world MK12 having 20 making star total 270
  80. After 97% Completion Peach has 30 fun & addicting stars waiting for you
  81. Mission 3 is called Kamella's Airship has goomba's, koopa troopa, koopa paratroopa, hammer bro, cannon fire water & electricity, normal cannon returns from New Super Mario Bros. U still jumping on cannon balls gets rid of them, para goomba's
  82. Fire Flower, & Rainbow Star appear in this level
  83. Goomboss mini boss #2 does the same as level 1 but he's alone this time
  84. Kamella Boss #4 does the same as Kamek but makes koopa's para goomba's, & para koopa's you have to hit kamella with shells
  85. Airship mini boss #3 shoots bomb-ombs just have to get 10 to explode to win
  86. you've landed on Bunny Planet now part of Peach Castle Planet
  87. Bunny Joins
  88. they let you play tag on story mode you can freeze rabbits for 1 second
  89. the one of the main planet teaches you new jumping moves time after time
  90. Airship Planet is born
  91. Luigi moves his home on it
  92. Mario gives discounted fire flowers
  93. Luigi gives discounted vine flowers
  94. Blue Toad gives discounted water flowers
  95. Yellow Toad gives discounted bee mushrooms
  96. Cosmic Rosalina gives discounted Rainbow Stars
  97. The Blue Toad no longers gives those items
  98. main missions of Mushroom Kingdom planet cleared
  99. Mushroom Kingdom Planet isn't Mushroom Kingdom it's the name of the first planet
  100. Luigi's airship falls if you play as Luigi no player can be gamepad
  101. Beginning Pack is free
  102. Medium Pack is free
  103. Hard Pack is free
  104. Mushroom Kingdom pack is $2.50
  105. Space pack is $2.50
  106. Cosmic pack is $2.50
  107. Mario pack is $2.50
  108. Luigi pack is $2.50
  109. Blue Toad pack is $2.50
  110. Yellow Toad pack is $2.50
  111. begin-1 is a grassland level with tag minigame & bunnies cloud flowers & spinies
  112. begin-2 is a water level with new swimming koopas
  113. begin-3 is a long level with firebars podoboos & you fight bowser jr in a koopa clown kart
  114. mediam-1 is a snow level with drills & drill enimies from Super Mario Galaxy 2
  115. mediam-2 is a airship with just bowser jr with a koopa clown kart & you get 1 to he now spit's fire
  116. mediam-3 is a lava level with entire lava with floting meteors fighting bowser who punches them you have to jump on his head 1 time to win
  117. hard-1 is a windy snowy level boss Blizzard Speedy Speedster you also race him before you fight him
  118. hard-2 a lava level with bowser jr using a koopa shell to ride lava like in SMB64
  119. hard-3 a dark level with drybones dry buzzy beetles dry piranha plants dry sumo bros. & dry goombas boss Giant Dry Sumo Bro
  120. Mission 4 The Ghost Airship has dry goombas, dry bones, dry piranha plants, dry buzzy beetle, boos, streches from SMB3, Potoboos, & Dark boos.

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