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  • Sheikah warrior

    Nintendo Infinity

    November 27, 2013 by Sheikah warrior

    It is common knowledge that Nintendo's own Reggie Fils-Amie has recently announced that Nintendo is working on a game (or games) that utilize the Gamepad's NFC feature. For those of you who don't know, NFC stands for Near Field Communication, and it utilizes physical items (usually little figurines) by scanning them into the game and allowing them to be used in gameplay. As of now, NFC can be viewed most easily with the games Disney Infinity (from which this blog gets 1/2 it's name) and the ever-popular Skylanders series. These games both featured a "portal of power" which was used as a scanner for the game's bevy of figurines which were then used as playable characters. Nintendo took this one step further by building the scanner right int…

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  • Sheikah warrior

    Ghirahim for SSB4

    September 27, 2013 by Sheikah warrior

    You know, I honestly wasn't sure about this. Everyone wants Ghirahim, but I just wasn't sure. Was he good enough? Answer, Yes. I've given it some thinking, and I've decided Ghirahim is a MUST for SSB4. I'll now prove it, with a moveset.

    His A moves would largely be swordplay, with him making use of his dual swords, and single sword. The game can always benefit from a good sword user.

    B moves:

    • B neutral: fires his magical levitating daggers. That may not be the technical name for it, but you know the move I'm talking about.
    • B side: Fires his fire skyward strike as seen in the final battle.
    • B up: Teleports
    • B down: A counter-like move in referance to his glowing magic sword grabbing fingers. It has to be timed right, but Ghirahim would grab the opp…

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  • Sheikah warrior

    Speculation time. It appears that the SSb4 dojo will reveal 1 character a month, tying into a game coming out that month. I will now attempt to deduce who the characters revealed from now until September will be. With Logic...and reason. Please note here that seeing as the other two characters following this mould are veterans (Olimar and Luigi) I will be operating on a mostly veterans basis.

    • The Wonderful 101

    Well, this may seem easy, but I find it difficult. The most obvious choice for this month would be none other than Wonder Red. I don't think he's going to be in the game, however. So my prediction actually goes in for someone else. A veteran perhaps. I don't view Wonder Red as likely, but I'd say September is 50/50 Wonder Red or a rand…

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  • Sheikah warrior

    Alright, so I'm going to preface this: This is just me talking about my ideas. None of this is rumoured or true, or even has that good of a chance of being in the game. I just thought all this up and thought it'd be cool. So, read on, but know that this will never happen. You are warned.

    One word. Dark. Personally, I liked Twilight Princess. It was my first Zelda game, so perhaps I'm a bit biased, but I loved it. Since then I've played Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword, Minish Cap, the original, and Zelda II. I loved them all (except Zelda II, sorry Zelda II) but I really did enjoy Twilight Princess the best. I think a large part of that is the darker tone. I just prefer darker storys to happy ones. That is why I decidedly want this hypothetical…

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  • Sheikah warrior

    Me and my friend have been having a large-scale war over this topic. I personally believe that Shadow should NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be in SSB4. I personally think that if ANY other Sonic character gets in, it should be Tails, or perhaps Knuckles. My friend, however, seems to think Shadow the epitome of Sonic. I VEHEMENTLY disagree. But, our arguments are getting us nowhere, so let's take it to the fans. What do you guys think. Shadow playable, YES? Or NO?

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