You know, I honestly wasn't sure about this. Everyone wants Ghirahim, but I just wasn't sure. Was he good enough? Answer, Yes. I've given it some thinking, and I've decided Ghirahim is a MUST for SSB4. I'll now prove it, with a moveset.


His A moves would largely be swordplay, with him making use of his dual swords, and single sword. The game can always benefit from a good sword user.
Ghirahim cape

Ghirahim, Demon Lord

B moves:

  • B neutral: fires his magical levitating daggers. That may not be the technical name for it, but you know the move I'm talking about.
  • B side: Fires his fire skyward strike as seen in the final battle.
  • B up: Teleports
  • B down: A counter-like move in referance to his glowing magic sword grabbing fingers. It has to be timed right, but Ghirahim would grab the opponent, stop their attack, and launch them.

Ghirahim would be a fairly versatile character, with short range sword attacks and mostly long range B moves. He would be quite light and quick (not too quick though).

Final Smash: Ghirahim turns into his black form form the final battle, making him stronger and invincible.


Taunt 1: Does his tongue thing. You know, the one he's famous for? I'd love to
Ghirahim tongue

perfect taunt right there. And you can't deny it.

see that in Smash Bros. It would be great.

Taunt 2: Ghirahim growls, turns into a sword, and then returns to human form (as seen before the final battle). Intimidating, no?

Ghirahim Palatte

Possible palate swaps for Ghirahim

So, did I convince you? You want Ghirahim for Smash 4? I know I do.

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