It is common knowledge that Nintendo's own Reggie Fils-Amie has recently announced that Nintendo is working on a game (or games) that utilize the Gamepad's NFC feature. For those of you who don't know, NFC stands for Near Field Communication, and it utilizes physical items (usually little figurines) by scanning them into the game and allowing them to be used in gameplay. As of now, NFC can be viewed most easily with the games Disney Infinity (from which this blog gets 1/2 it's name) and the ever-popular Skylanders series. These games both featured a "portal of power" which was used as a scanner for the game's bevy of figurines which were then used as playable characters. Nintendo took this one step further by building the scanner right into the gamepad controller. Despite this included NFC scanner, only one Nintendo game has utilized NFC, with that game being Pokémon Rumble U. That game included the most basic of NFC (a few small figures which were like Pokémon with special abilities in game), but Nintendo seems ready to take it one step forward. I support this whole-heartedly, and I will now paint a picture of the type of NFC game I (and as I imagine many others) would love to play.

Imagine a world...much like Smash Bros...where all the Nintendo games come together. But unlike SSBB, this world isn't just some generic land. The Mushroom Kingdom is walking distance from Hyrule. Dream Land due south. And hey, there's the World of Pokémon just due west! I envision a world with segments like a clock, and in the center a big city where all the games converge. The characters may traverse freely from world to world. Mario wants to have dinner with Link? It's just a short walk away.

This game would be a story-based action adventure, with different missions for each character. Each world would be quite large, and missions could be replayed and their difficulty reset (Fiends Couldron system?) leading to replay value.

The chracters would be (following in Skylanders and Infinity's footsteps) about 4'-6' tall figures of the playable characters. The characters would be similar to a smash bros game, ranging across multiple series'.

The characters would be purchased at your local retailer, and completely non-random (The Pokémon NFC was random, and while that was cute and acceptable for that game, it wouldn't avail Nintendo to make a game like this that way). The game itself would come with three figures, Mario, Link and Pokémon Trainer Red.

So, based on that description, would you buy it? I know I would.

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