Spades Slick

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  • I live in Alternia
  • My occupation is Mobster
  • I am Male
  • Spades Slick

    Enemies: 2x Yellow Slime (10 HP)

    Prizes: Play #1 = Warp Pipe Hat, Play #2 = Daisy's Crown, Play #3 = Yellow Yoshi Hat

    Enemies: Yellow Slime (10 HP), Ghost with Yellow Shield (10 HP)

    Prizes: None

    Note: One hero with a yellow shirt is needed to break the shield. There are three branches from here: Bewitching Bog, Ransacked Ruins, and the Shrine of Judgment.

    Enemies: Ghost with Light Blue Shield (10 HP), Yellow Slime (10 HP)

    Prizes: None

    Enemies: Blue Ghost (25 HP)

    Prizes: None

    Note: Leads to Merciless Mountain

    Enemies: Shambling Mummy with Yellow Shield (15 HP), Roaming Mummy (30 HP)

    Prizes: Panda Hat (1st Visit), Samurai Wig (2nd Visit)

    Enemies: Marauding Mummy (45 HP)

    Prizes: None

    Note: Leads to Restless Rise and Dolorous Deepwood

    Enemies: Iron Golem (45…

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