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Well as some of you might know i edit on a lot of wiki's one of those being microsoft wiki. So i am just going to tell you what happened there today well just because. Ok so on sunday this wiki user who looked ok at the time asked for admin rights. I said no at the time but said if you help out and do good edits mybe. So he dose all the stuff i told him to do so i finally give him admin right's (but not bureaucrat rights luckly.) So i tell him and then go away for a while like four hours or so. When i come back i am in completely shocked. He changed the wiki theme tryed to blocked me a bureaucrat changed the wiki navigation so i could not stop him deleted a changed pages for the worse. So i a naturaly extremely mad so i could not stop him by my self and go to the vstf so they fix up the wiki navigation i i go cleaning up the rest of the vandalism. But man this has really given me turst issues now.

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