New Super Mario Bros. U is the newest title in the Mario franchise, and the first Mario on the brand new Wii U console. The game supports up to five player multiple and has eight exciting worlds to explore. Gather your friends and trounce away enemies as your explore the Mushroom Kingdom!

What did the critics have to say about New Super Mario Bros. U? Let find out!

Liked it



"Nintendo's approach here strikes a great balance in all areas, ranging from its difficulty to design to enemies and bosses"



"There's a sense of wonder again, of exploration and discovery. I'm not quite prepared to say New Super Mario Bros. U fully recaptures the spark of Mario's 2D heyday, but it's an impressive step in the right direction."



"A love-letter to the days of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros. U's multiplayer modes, insane platforming, and beautiful HD graphics offer more than enough to provide hours of fun for gamers of all stripes."



"Players know exactly what they're getting with this one -- an entertaining and incomplex bit of gaming that provides challenge and smirks in equal measure. While certainly a "safe" game to launch with, it is by no means unremarkable and the only people who would fail to have fun are those with a fundamental aversion to Mario or platformers in general."



"What separates New Super Mario Bros. U from its "New" predecessors: It adds something to the Mario formula. It's exciting and full of inventive ideas."

Thought it was OK



"New Super Mario Bros. U is a solid game, but one whose core experience is as conservative as can be and the level design, graphics, and sound are nearly identical to previous entries. The co-op features, however, are excellent, as are the new challenge modes."

Hated It

No middling reviews for New Super Mario Bros. U have been received yet.

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