A New Adventure Awaits
Pikmin 3 follows the exploits of four brand new characters. These four characters visit the Planet of the Pikmin for as of yet unknown reasons. The four of them will explore the depths of the planet after they become lost. These characters share no relation to Olimar or Louie.
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Pikmin 3 offers various control styles for players, including a set up for the Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuck, along with the new Wii U Gamepad. With a Wii Remote, players can do a barrel roll with the D-Pad, Scan with the Z Button, and cycle through Pikmin types with the C button. On the Wii U Gamepad, players can use the analog sticks to move the captains and the four face buttons to interact. The screen contains an overhead map, and the Gamepad itself can be used to aim cursers and whistle. Scanned enemies will appear on the map.

New Pikmin
A handful of new Pikmin have been introduced in Pikmin 3. Each of these types have their own special look and abilities. The Rock Pikmin have hard rock bodies and can break through crystal barriers. Enemies or projectiles cannot crush them but, as a setback, they cannot latch onto enemy targets. The Magenta Pikmin have small wings which grants them the ability to fly.
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Gameplay Tweaks
The player can flick the remote control to order their Pikmin to Swarm the target. Captains can perform barrel rolls that their Pikmin will mirror. New game modes will be added into the series, including multiplayer and a new type of Challenge Mode. Locations within the game include lush forests, caves, tropical regions, and more.

Pikmin 3 will play very similarly to previous installments, using your Pikmin buddies to fight enemies, collect items, and explore across the wilderness. The Pikmin themselves can perform a multitude of different tasks this time around. New enemies are included, such as the ice and magma types. Pikmin will break walls differently, depending on their position. New tasks can be preformed such as picking up fruit. The four playable Captains will also have the ability to throw each other across distances.

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