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July 5, 2011
  • ThunderBoltUniverse

    Okay, when I ask What Characters Do YOU Want In Super Smash Bros. 4?, I mean that I want some pretty good answers. So basically put anything AS LONG AS IT IS NOT A FIRST PARTY CHARACTER FROM SONY OR MICROSOFT!!!!!!! Here's what I think:

    Zoroark: Reason:

    Mewtwo was put in SSBM for promotional reasons for the first movie of Pokemon. Lucario was also for SSBB. Zoroark fits the human like form to be in.

    Walugi: Reason:

    Isn't it obvious? Everybody's seem to have been asking for it.

    Pokemon Trainer (Unova): Reason

    Nintendo loves promotionals. They are trying to milk all their money out of the new Unova Starters, and their will probably be a trainer with all three. The only difference? I think maybe Nintendo might let them be three seperate characters. …

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  • ThunderBoltUniverse

    If you don't own any other console but a Wii, your really missing out. Not so much in games, but in online. Achievements add at least 50 hours to your gaming time and make you feel good about yourself. Do you think that the Wii U should have them? Personally I do, but I am open to all comments. Post your thoughts.

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  • ThunderBoltUniverse

    No. Just No. Pokemon shouldn't be considered a game at all. That isn't a bad thing though. It is simply entertainment. It is nearly the greatest of all entertainments because of it's idea. Collecting, trading, battling. Pokemon can change, but your Pokemon can be yours forever. If you had a Pokemon from Ruby or Sapphire you adore, you can still be raising it now in Black and White. If you hate the 5th Gen Pokemon, as I do, then you can train the first 4 gens. Now I hate when people call it a kid's game. Just because kid's play it, is it a Kid's Game. Kid's play Dead Space, but that's not a kid's game. I bet a majority of people that play Pokemon are in their 20's. The show brought it down. The first few seasons were great, but with new voi…

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  • ThunderBoltUniverse

    I have played Nintendo Consoles for quite some time, and I have heard reports from Fils-Aime and Iwata saying that the Wii U isn't trying to have a great online service. Now I believe that Nintendo can have good online, if it isn't focusing on little kids. Friend Codes, Nintendo, Seriously? After 6 years of Xbox Live and PSN you would think Nintendo is smart enough to start Gamertags. Some sort of Achievements, also. I can safely assure Nintendo that me and at least a Million other players won't buy a Wii U if it can't support these online features. Then games like CoD will fail on this and nobody will buy it. However, I do think that everybody knows how far downhill Nintendo has gone. I would personally like to see them give up and just b…

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