No. Just No. Pokemon shouldn't be considered a game at all. That isn't a bad thing though. It is simply entertainment. It is nearly the greatest of all entertainments because of it's idea. Collecting, trading, battling. Pokemon can change, but your Pokemon can be yours forever. If you had a Pokemon from Ruby or Sapphire you adore, you can still be raising it now in Black and White. If you hate the 5th Gen Pokemon, as I do, then you can train the first 4 gens. Now I hate when people call it a kid's game. Just because kid's play it, is it a Kid's Game. Kid's play Dead Space, but that's not a kid's game. I bet a majority of people that play Pokemon are in their 20's. The show brought it down. The first few seasons were great, but with new voice actors, it's utter crap. So what do you think about it being a kid's game? Or a game at all?

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