What Characters Do YOU Want In Super Smash Bros. 4?

Okay, when I ask What Characters Do YOU Want In Super Smash Bros. 4?, I mean that I want some pretty good answers. So basically put anything AS LONG AS IT IS NOT A FIRST PARTY CHARACTER FROM SONY OR MICROSOFT!!!!!!! Here's what I think:

Zoroark: Reason:

Mewtwo was put in SSBM for promotional reasons for the first movie of Pokemon. Lucario was also for SSBB. Zoroark fits the human like form to be in.

Walugi: Reason:

Isn't it obvious? Everybody's seem to have been asking for it.

Pokemon Trainer (Unova): Reason

Nintendo loves promotionals. They are trying to milk all their money out of the new Unova Starters, and their will probably be a trainer with all three. The only difference? I think maybe Nintendo might let them be three seperate characters.

Mii: Reason:

Mii's are staying around. Love 'em or hate 'em, Nintendo's keeping them. They showed that with the 3DS, and New Super Mario Bros. Mii. Yeah.

Blastiose: Reason:

Heah, can't a guy dream?

Add your thoughts below.

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