I have played Nintendo Consoles for quite some time, and I have heard reports from Fils-Aime and Iwata saying that the Wii U isn't trying to have a great online service. Now I believe that Nintendo can have good online, if it isn't focusing on little kids. Friend Codes, Nintendo, Seriously? After 6 years of Xbox Live and PSN you would think Nintendo is smart enough to start Gamertags. Some sort of Achievements, also. I can safely assure Nintendo that me and at least a Million other players won't buy a Wii U if it can't support these online features. Then games like CoD will fail on this and nobody will buy it. However, I do think that everybody knows how far downhill Nintendo has gone. I would personally like to see them give up and just be a third party developer for other consoles.The hard core Nintendo fans won't save them forever, and the 3DS showed that. I went to buy a 3DS on launch day, and NOBODY was there. It was empty. The 3DS sales showed it's failure, and Nintendo has to make the Wii U either a good Online Console, or a waste of space in stores like Wal-Mart, where they would be a burden to look at. What's your ideas on Nintendo Online?

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