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U.F.B. July 20, 2014 User blog:U.F.B.

Back in 2010/2011, I played a demo of DoA: Dimensions. This was my first Team Ninja game, And I didn't know their history (I only knew

Back then, I thought: "Sweet! This looks better than even Brawl! Just a little fanservice-y, but still good!"

1-2 years later, I bought it. This was my second game after LEGO LoTR. I HATED it, So I thought this game would be better.

Boy, was I WRONG.

Story (Details might a little hazy)

It basically like the other ones, they enter a tounament. Then at one point, the DoA corporation make a copy of Kasumi (Main character).


I'll just list them and my opinions of them:

  • Ayane - A cold and deadly young ninja with a harsh past and a determined attitude. She is the younger half-sister (and cousin) to Hayate and Kasumi. For some reason, she gets slapped. a lot. And in my perspective, she didn't do anything wrong, so I hoped she'd be the one who strikes back. However, by the time she does, I hate her, so...
  • Bass Armstrong - A retired wrestling superstar and the overprotective father of Tina. Don't remember him all that well.
  • Bayman - A military-trained assassin focused on thoughts of revenge. 
  • Brad Wong - A drunken wander on the search for a legendary wine.
  • Christie - A cold-blooded, sadistic assassin who takes sociopathic glee from her kills.
  • Ein - A young man suffering from amnesia, who turned out to be Hayate.
  • Eliot - A young boy wishing to prove that he is worthy of his master.
  • Gen Fu - Eliot's mentor and a worldwide-famous fighter.
  • Hayate - The currect master of the Mugen Tenshin Clan with great loyalty to his people.
  • Helena Douglas - A haughty opera primia dona. Her father was the creater of DOATEC and the tournament.
  • Hitomi - A sweet, bubbly girl with true commitment to her training.
  • Jann Lee - A man with burning passion, following the example for the late Bruce Lee.
  • Kasumi - A kind-natured ninja who ran away from her clan to avenage her older brother, Hayate.
  • Kokoro - A gentel geshia-in-training. She is also the younger half-sister of Helena.
  • La Mariposa - A luchadora who is actually one of DOATEC's head scientists, Lisa.
  • Lei Fang - A spanky young student who wants to show Jann Lee that she can handle herself in battle.
  • Leon - A lone mercenary seeking to live up to deceaded lover's final words.
  • Ryu Hayabusa - A great ninja, and an ally of Ayane, Kasumi, and Hayate. He is also the main hero of the Ninja Gaiden series.
  • Tina Armstrong - A wrestering champion with dreams of a more glamourous life in Hollywood.
  • Zack - A happy-go-lucky DJ with a lust of money.


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