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    Recent Releases

    February 7, 2013 by Wiki-Wiki-Woh

    Can anyone explain how to edit the "Recent Releases" section of the Nintendo Wiki Homepage? It is "Far" outdated,and I am planning to have it include Fire Emblem:Awakening,Brain Age:Concentration Training as replacements for New Super Mario Bros. 2,and The Last Story. Do I just edit the Homepae?

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  • Wiki-Wiki-Woh

    I created and have been editing this wiki's page for Tokyo Crash Mobs. I accidentally added a picture of the game's Protagonist instead of the logo (You can still see that there). I took out the name of the file in the template's coding,and replaced it with the name of an image if the game's North American Logo. In the preview,it appears as "200.px",being a link that doesn't do anything. I dragged the picture from my desktop into the "Image" box,and it doesn't have the file,just information about my profile on my computer. I took it out,not wanting anyone to see personal imformation,leaving the image box blank. I added the photo through the "Contribute" option. Would I just need to put that file's name in there?

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  • Wiki-Wiki-Woh

    Hello! Today I'd like to share 5 Nintendo-Related Wikis that are in need of improvement. We can help these Wikis become the best they can! I will name the Wikis,links to them,and why they need improvement.

    Mii Wiki: 

    Reason for Improvement:It doesn't have much contenet,and is full of spam.

    Freakyforms Wiki:

    Reason for improvement:Every Page is listed as "COMING SOON".


    Reason for Improvement:There isn't much to do here. Though,there are pages for fan-made SSB Content (Internet Series,Fan Games,etc.) And there is a little bit of spam.

    Game & Watch

    Reason for Improvement:it looks like there is a small group working hard on this wiki. Though,while the p…

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  • Wiki-Wiki-Woh

    Hey! Rememeber Strawberry Flower? Of course you don't! They're songs were only in the japanise Pikmin Ads! Remember those weird Japanese Songs that played on Distant Planet? That was Strawberry Flower!

    OK,now I'll be serious.

    OK. As you know,a Pikmin game hasn't been released for quite some time now. What will happen to SF? Do you think they'll still be around to do a song for the Pikmin 3 Ads? Or anything at all? Or will we never hear from them again? Post your theory in the comments!

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