Please Help These Nintendo Franchise Wikis!

Hello! Today I'd like to share 5 Nintendo-Related Wikis that are in need of improvement. We can help these Wikis become the best they can! I will name the Wikis,links to them,and why they need improvement.

Mii Wiki: 

Reason for Improvement:It doesn't have much contenet,and is full of spam.

Freakyforms Wiki:

Reason for improvement:Every Page is listed as "COMING SOON".


Reason for Improvement:There isn't much to do here. Though,there are pages for fan-made SSB Content (Internet Series,Fan Games,etc.) And there is a little bit of spam.

Game & Watch

Reason for Improvement:it looks like there is a small group working hard on this wiki. Though,while the pages are OK,there are not very many.


Reason for improvement:There aren't many pages,and the Home Page is kinda messy.

Please Help Bring These Wikis to good quality. Some good wikis we can use for reference are-


Reason being a good Wiki:Very imformative and goes into great detail. Nicely Decorated. Many High Quality Pages. Even Strategies for defeating enemies.

DiviniPedia (Kid Icarus Wiki)

Reason being a good Wiki:Very easy to navigate interface. Great Detail on Enemy and Character Pages. Even Pages for all of Uprising's Idols!

Animal Crossing City (Animal Crossing Wiki)

Reason being a good wiki:Easy to navigate interface. Decent Detail on Villager Pages. Gives good tips on how to get a perfect town,and how to make some Bells. Friendly Community.


Reason being a good wiki:Has Pages for both the Game Series and the Anime. Easy to navigate interface. Friendly Community.

Have Fun Making the Nintendo Wikis better places!

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