Gerudo Ruler

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September 3, 2008

This stinks. Nobody wishes to help me out. <:(

I wish to help you out! What do you need???   Bentendo  Talk
Oh, wait, I took a look at your user page - here's how you upload an image:
1. go here
2. Press the "browse" button.
3. Find the image that has been downloaded onto your computer.
4. Choose it and select Okay.
5. Once out of the window, select upload file.
If that didn't help, then go here!   Bentendo  Talk


Care to explain why you felt the need to delete all of the content on BattleFranky202's page? Not only is it highly frowned upon to edit a user's page, but it's even worse when you get rid of all the content. Please - don't do it again.   Bentendo  Talk

Then explain your user contributions, and why someone by the name of Gerudo Ruler deleted all of the content from BF202's page. I understand that it's possible that someone in your family may've used your account to be funny - and if that's the case then please tell them to stop.   Bentendo  Talk
Alright, alright - I believe you. Thanks for giving me the heads up, and sorry for wrongly accusing you!   Bentendo  Talk

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