This is a list of VIC's quotes.

In-game Tips

  • If you lose all of your health or fall of a ledge you will re-spawn
  • After you re-spawn you will lose some of your gold
  • Red boxes contain Bombs. Don't shoot them!
  • An enemy hazard has been built.
  • Avoid shooting blue targets.
  • Press the Attack button to defend yourself.

Cutscene Quotes


  • Greetings! Welcome to the amazing new world of Disney Universe!
  • The Bots are completely safe and they even wouldn't hurt you if they wanted to.
  • Ow! Who are you? Something's very wrong here...


  • You've lost, HEX!
  • How?
  • It's a small world... after all? That sounded like...
  • You... wouldn't!

Loading Tips

  • Getting defeated will hurt your level grade.
  • To help out, I've put out help arrows to guide you through the levels.
  • Defeating

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