VS. Mode is a competitive multiplayer mode in Super Mario 64 DS. The mode can be played with up to 4 players via either local multiplayer or download play. In download play, the other players can only play as different colored Yoshis. Player 2 is Red, Player 3 is Blue, and Player 4 is yellow. The host (one with game card) will be the default Green Yoshi. In this mode, after the settings and stages are selected, the players will fight in the arenas to try and gather up to 5 Stars and the most coins to win in a limited time. They can also steal feather wings.


Castle Grounds

This is a revised version of the front of the castle. There are a few differences between this one and the one in the actual, main game. The doors have velvet ropes, blocking the entrance to the castle, the cannon is locked, in the moat and lake, there's a moving platform, some of the trees are removed, and a loose Chain Chomp is bouncing around.

Sunshine Isles

This is a secret course in the normal game, found in the Rec Room, behind Mario's painting. In this version, there are no enemies on this map, the sky is faced differently, and a yellow box that originally had a green shell now has a feather, which also any character can use, unlike in the normal game, where only Mario gets wings. Yoshis grow wings out of their bodies like in Super Mario World.

Princess Secret Slide

A secret course which accessed in the character room in the main game. This is the smallest level in this mode, which also has no enemies, and the only course where stars aren't in star sphere. Falling off, results in returning to the beginning of the slide, it's a race, and at the end is the best place to attack your opponents.

Battle Fort

A secret level found in the courtyard under the brick. In this biggest level, all the enemies are removed, except for the black rolling balls which only Wario can break. The rest of the stage contains various walking paths and this stage also has 2 yellow boxes, this time with feathers.


Each character has one or more special abilities and tricks only in Versus Mode.

Mario's ability (not an attack) is to wall kick when evading enemies. Press B to Jump and press B again to move to the next wall.

Luigi has 4 abilities. Press and Hold Y and B to run, useful when avoiding enemies. He can scuttle over enemies. To perform it, press and hold B. Press R and B to spin over your opponents, if they're running toward you. If you land on them, they'll get hurt. Luigi can also run on water for a short period of time.

Yoshi can his tongue to swallow other playes and spit them out, knocking out their star. Press A to swallow other players and nearby objects then press A again (or R to make an egg) to spit them out. When another Yoshi swallows you, you can press L, R, and B to jump out of your opponents mouth, damaging them. Yoshis can't swallow players in Mario, Luigi, or Wario hats. Press and hold the B button to perform the flutter kick, which goes slightly higher than Luigi's.

Wario has the Swing and Fling ability and can knock out opponents slightly longer. To perform this attack, after pressing A to punch your opponent, press A next to them to grab them, make a circular rotation on the touch screen or use + in a circle to spin them around, press A to let them go, just like how the player does to Bowser. This attack can stun some of the opponents.