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Valley of Bowser
The map of the Valley of Bowser.
Series Mario series
First game Super Mario World (1990)
Creator Nintendo
Valley of Bowser is part of Dinosaur Land, a collection of islands in the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario World. Its located in the direct center of the islands hidden beneath the bay. Its entrance is past a ghost ship in a center of rocks. Bowser's Castle is in the valley. Valley of Bowser is ruled over by Bowser and Larry Koopa. Its not a real valley, but is a large underground cave with the ceiling being meters high and is underwater in the bay.
ValleyofBowser art

Artwork of the Valley entrance.


  • Donut Secret 2
  • Chocolate Secret
  • Sunken Ghost Ship
  • Valley of Bowser 1
  • Valley of Bowser 2
  • Valley Ghost House
  • Valley of Bowser 3
  • Valley of Bowser 4
  • Valley Fortress
  • Larry's Castle
  • Back and Front Doors/Bowser's castle (final level)

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