Valley of Repose

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Valley of Repose
Valley of Repose as seen in Pikmin 2
Series Pikmin series
First game Pikmin 2
Designer(s) Yutaka Hiramuki, Taku Matoba, Minoru Narita

The Valley of Repose is a location in Pikmin 2 for the Nintendo GameCube. It is the first area that Captain Olimar and Louie go to after they are sent back to the planet of the Pikmin to search for treasure. On their way toward the surface, they crashed their ship into a tree, causing Louie to fall out. Olimar managed to land the ship safely, but upon landing he realized Louie's disappearance. The search for him then acts as a tutorial for the first two days, before the player can explore the area in his own pace.

Valley of Repose is a snowy tundra with three underground dungeons, and seven treasures up on the ground. This is also the area where your captains will find the Red Pikmin as well as the Purple Pikmin down in the Emergence Cave.



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