Very Gnawty
Very Gnawty Art (Donkey Kong Country)

Very Gnawty's artwork from Donkey Kong Country.
Series Donkey Kong
First game Donkey Kong Country
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Very Gnawty is a boss in Kongo Jungle found in the game, Donkey Kong Country and is the first boss in the game.


When engaging in battle, Donkey and Diddy can see Very Gnawty making small hops, slowly heading towards the two of them. In order for the two to attack, they must pounce on Very Gnawty's head. After each pounce, Very Gnawty becomes slightly more quick. Five pounces on him total defeats him and allows Donkey and Diddy to access Monkey Mines.


Name Origin

Very Gnawty's name is obviously a pun on the words Very and Naughty with Naughty being misspelled as Gnawty as Gnawty is a beavers and they gnaw.


  • After Donkey and Diddy defeat Really Gnawty in the Game Boy Advance version, Very Gnawty can be seen in Donkey Kong's Treehouse and when the Kongs enter, he runs past the two and out the door. This can only be performed once during a file however.
  • The Gnawties in Donkey Kong 64 are about the same size as Very Gnawty. They also look the same, except for being in a blue coloration. Unlike Very Gnawty, they can be defeated by a single pounce instead of five.