These are Victini's moveset(s).

By Leveling Up

Level Move Type Category

Start Searing Shot FireFire SpecialSpecial
Start Focus Energy NormalNormal StatusStatus
Start Confusion PsychicPsychic SpecialSpecial
Start Incinerate FireFire SpecialSpecial
Start Quick Attack NormalNormal PhysicalPhysical
9 Endure NormalNormal StatusStatus
17 Headbutt NormalNormal PhysicalPhysical
25 Flame Charge FireFire PhysicalPhysical
33 Reversal FightingFighting PhysicalPhysical
41 Flame Burst FireFire SpecialSpecial
49 Zen Headbutt PsychicPsychic PhysicalPhysical
57 Inferno FireFire SpecialSpecial
65 Double-Edge NormalNormal PhysicalPhysical
73 Flare Blitz FireFire PhysicalPhysical
81 Final Gambit FightingFighting SpecialSpecial
89 Stored Power PsychicPsychic SpecialSpecial
97 Overheat FireFire SpecialSpecial


TM / HM Move Type Category
Psychic TM TM03 Psyshock PsychicPsychic SpecialSpecial
Poison TM TM06 Toxic PoisonPoison StatusStatus
Normal TM TM10 Hidden Power NormalNormal SpecialSpecial
Fire TM TM11 Sunny Day FireFire StatusStatus
Dark TM TM12 Taunt DarkDark StatusStatus
Normal TM TM15 Hyper Beam NormalNormal SpecialSpecial
Psychic TM TM16 Light Screen PsychicPsychic StatusStatus
Normal TM TM17 Protect NormalNormal StatusStatus
Psychic TM TM19 Telekinesis PsychicPsychic StatusStatus
Normal TM TM20 Safeguard NormalNormal StatusStatus
Normal TM TM21 Frustration NormalNormal PhysicalPhysical
Grass TM TM22 SolarBeam GrassGrass SpecialSpecial
Electric TM TM24 Thunderbolt ElectricElectric SpecialSpecial
Electric TM TM25 Thunder ElectricElectric SpecialSpecial
Normal TM TM27 Return NormalNormal PhysicalPhysical
Psychic TM TM29 Psychic PsychicPsychic SpecialSpecial
Ghost TM TM30 Shadow Ball GhostGhost SpecialSpecial
Fighting TM TM31 Brick Break FightingFighting PhysicalPhysical
Normal TM TM32 Double Team NormalNormal StatusStatus
Fire TM TM35 Flamethrower FireFire SpecialSpecial
Fire TM TM38 Fire Blast FireFire SpecialSpecial
Normal TM TM42 Facade NormalNormal PhysicalPhysical
Fire TM TM43 Flame Charge FireFire PhysicalPhysical
Psychic TM TM44 Rest PsychicPsychic StatusStatus
Normal TM TM48 Round NormalNormal SpecialSpecial
Fire TM TM50 Overheat FireFire SpecialSpecial
Fighting TM TM52 Focus Blast FightingFighting SpecialSpecial
Grass TM TM53 Energy Ball GrassGrass SpecialSpecial
Dark TM TM56 Fling DarkDark PhysicalPhysical
Electric TM TM57 Charge Beam ElectricElectric SpecialSpecial
Fire TM TM59 Incinerate FireFire SpecialSpecial
Fire TM TM61 Will-O-Wisp FireFire StatusStatus
Dark TM TM63 Embargo DarkDark StatusStatus
Normal TM TM68 Giga Impact NormalNormal PhysicalPhysical
Normal TM TM70 Flash NormalNormal StatusStatus
Electric TM TM73 Thunder Wave ElectricElectric StatusStatus
Normal TM TM77 Psych Up NormalNormal StatusStatus
Normal TM TM83 Work Up NormalNormal StatusStatus
Grass TM TM86 Grass Knot GrassGrass SpecialSpecial
Normal TM TM87 Swagger NormalNormal StatusStatus
Bug TM TM89 U-turn BugBug PhysicalPhysical
Normal TM TM90 Substitute NormalNormal StatusStatus
Psychic TM TM92 Trick Room PsychicPsychic StatusStatus
Electric TM TM93 Wild Charge ElectricElectric PhysicalPhysical
Fighting TM TM94 Rock Smash FightingFighting PhysicalPhysical

By Breeding

Father Move Type Category

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