Violet Candypop Bud
Purple Candypop Bud
Series Pikmin
First game Pikmin 2
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Violet Candypop Buds are a type of Candypop Bud apearing only in Pikmin 2. When you toss a pikmin in there, it will eject a seed that's purple. You can only throw 5 pikmin in per candypop bud. If you throw Purple Pikmin in there, they don't count towards the 5 pikmin limit.


Olimar's Notes

"Research from our most recent expedition has confirmed the presence of candypop buds in subterranean regions. Considering the micro-ecologies this plant has been found in, one could surmise that it could be found in any cavern, regardless of geographic region. Tossing Pikmin into this flower results in the release of purple Pikmin seeds, regardless of the color of the Pikmin tossed in. This variety of candypop contains robustly odoriferous oils. If candypop flowers could be cultivated, there is no doubt that the plants would offer multifaceted benefits to the cosmetic, medical, and tourist industries."

Louie's Notes

"This convenient purple flower secretes a dark, flavorful oil that eliminates the need for salad dressing!"