Volcano Lotus

A Volcano Lotus.

A Volcano Lotus is a fireball-shooting plant found only in Super Mario World and Super Princess Peach. It might be related to the Lava Lotus in Super Mario Bros. 3, found only underwater.


Super Mario World

The Volcano Lotus appeared in many levels spitting a few fireballs into the air at a diagonal angle. In order to defeat them, Mario must twirl his cape or Yoshi must eat them. Spin jumping or stomping on it while riding on a Yoshi never harms them but makes Mario bounces off and Mario doesn't take damage.

Super Mario World (TV series)

A Volcano Lotus only appeared in Send in the Clown where it helps Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Princess Toadstool use in a tennis game and only made a brief appearance.

Super Princess Peach

A Volcano Lotus made its latest appearance in Super Princess Peach. Princess Peach fights them instead of Mario or Luigi. A Swatbrella attack or any other attack can kill it. They are called "Volcano Plants" and a subspecies of it is a Calm Volcano Plant, where it sees Princess Peach and spits fireballs at her.

Names in Other Languages

Ponki (meaning Ponkey in Japanese)

Vulcan-Pflanze (meaning Vulcan, a non-standard spelling of Vulkan (volcano), while Pflanze means Plant in German)