Vortex Pit

Vortex Pit
Game Chrono Trigger
Era 1000 A.D.
Location Northwestern continent (off the coast)
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The Vortex Pit is a whirlpool near Truce in Chrono Trigger. It exists in 1000 A.D. but only appears when someone passes through it. It's a magical whirlpool off the eastern coast of Truce near Lucca's house. It acts as one end of a tunnel that goes underground and connects with Heckran Cave on the Eastern continent.

The Vortex Pit is located off the coast of the eastern portion of the Northwestern continent of the World Map. Truce is located to the north.


The Village of Magic

While in Heckran Cave, Crono and his party eventually find a magical pool of water that transports them to the Vortex Pit just east of Lucca's house in Truce. It puts them in the water but right on the coast.


There are no specific locations within the Vortex Pit.

People and Enemies

There are neither people nor enemies in the Vortex Pit.