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VS. Seeker

The Vs. Seeker is an item found in various Pokémon games. It is found later on in each of the games, and is exclusively used to find Pokémon Trainers who you've battled to fight in a rematch. After you use the Vs. Seeker in any given area, it'll take 100 steps to recharge. You'll know if a trainer wishes to fight you again if an explanation mark emerges from the top of his or her head. Following this the trainer will start to jump up and down, which is your invitation to go up to him or her and battle again. Some trainers will stop taking requests, though a few of them will continue to battle forever as long as you use the Vs. Seeker in their vicinity. The trainers' dialogue will change when you battle them a second time, and as you continue to fight the trainers their Pokémon's level will increase, offering more challenges to the player.

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