Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo is a video game released in 2003 for Nintendo Gamecube. It is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB.


Wallace and Gromit have breakfast and they must search for Archie, a polar bear kidnapped by Feathers McGraw. The zoo is not opened and they take a shortcut to the Jungle House.


Players take place in West Wallaby Zoo and they must find Feathers and kidnap him. Then, they enter the zoo and rescue the captured baby animals. They need nuts and bolts to let Wallace start on a tool station.

The Jungle House features the animal Gromit has to rescue, he has to rescue the baby elephants. This level introduces the Clockwork Penguins and they can be defeated by punching them. The boss introduces a giant mining machine and it takes damage by ground pounding on it or letting it crash onto a wall. It will shoot bullets at Gromit. There are Flamethrowing Clockwork Penguins to battle. This area introduces the weapon, the Banana Gun.

The Mines feature the animal Gromit has to rescue, he has to rescue the baby beacers. This level introduces Helicopter Clockwork Penguins and Horrid Hedgehogs and they can be defeated. This area introduces the weapon, the Porridge Launcher. Later, they fight Feathers on his gyrocopter and the gang must capture him.

The Volcano features the baby gorillas Gromit must rescue. This introduces a Strong Launcher and can only be defeated by a Turnip Launcher and the area has lava. This area features a boss called a Giant Boiler and the Gyrocopter must hit the eight targets to stop it.

The Warehouse features the Lunatic Louse and there are two zookeepers Gromit must avoid. This introduces the Turnip Launcher and he must rescue the baby pandas. This was the only level to not feature a battle with a boss.

The Ice World features and it introduces the ice robots that can be destroyed when Gromit punches it a few times. There are large, medium and smaller versions of it. Gromit must rescue the baby polar bears and sink Feather's Submarine.

In the final level, it features the final baby animal, the zebra in the game and they must find the path leading to Feathers McGraw and then they battle his Exoskeleton a huge robot that fires missles and buzzsaws and after that, Feathers is caged into an O in the word, Zoo.


  • If you pause the game, you can see the Wanted poster that has a picture of Feathers McGraw as a chicken.